June 30 , 2016 /

Old Over New Still The Choice For Aussie Investors

Australia’s property investors are increasingly setting their sights on a particular type of property, which could have serious ramifications for the upcoming federal election. According to the 2016 edition of Mortgage Choice’s annual Investor Survey, 76.7% of Australian investors purchased established properties, rather than a new build. That figure is

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June 29 , 2016 /

Boom To Bust: Have Queensland’s Mining Towns Finally Hit Bottom?

They are some of the areas that have suffered the most since the end of Australia’s resources boom, but there are some signs Queensland’s regional property markets may be on the brink of turning the corner. The end of the resource boom saw some prices collapse by more than 70%

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June 28 , 2016 /

Tax Time Preparation Tips For Property Investors

It is that time of the year again to get your documents together in readiness for your accountant to lodge your annual income tax return.   Here are our top tax time tips for your end of financial year preparation: Understand what you can claim: The simplest way to maximise your

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June 27 , 2016 /

Retiring With Cashflow – A Property Investment Strategy

Retirees need to plan ahead to make sure they end up with the enough time and money to enjoy their retirement. It’s important to not to waste your time, so you can spend time enjoying your retirement. Creating a retirement plan is a smart way to reduce the risk of

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June 25 , 2016 /

Warning Signs to Alert You to Property Spruikers

It begins with an eye-catching advertisement promising you a once-in-a-lifetime, risk-free investment with above-average returns. You’ll be a millionaire within a couple of years. And if you still need convincing, it’s government approved! When confronted with this type of spiel, be it written or verbal, your alarm bells should be

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June 21 , 2016 /

The Renovation Basics

The growing trend of real estate ‘flipping’ is becoming a staple of the Australian real estate market and the economy as a whole. ‘Flipping’ is a colloquialism coined to cover the process of purchasing a property, renovating and adding elements, and then reselling with the intention of making a profit.

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June 20 , 2016 /

Lazy Tax Costs Borrowers 47 Billion

Australians have forked out an estimated $47.6 billion in “lazy tax” over the past 10 years. That’s according to financial comparison company RateCity.com.au, which describes “lazy tax” as the penalty borrowers pay by keeping their mortgage with the Big Four banks, rather than switching to one of the lowest interest

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June 19 , 2016 /

Planning An Investment Renovation

The time has come. You’ve found your investment property, secured it at a decent price, and now you’ve got to figure out what comes next. Planning a renovation is a daunting task, and it’s hard to know where to begin. Having a plan for the renovation process is vital to

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June 18 , 2016 /

Should You Use A Broker Or Go It Alone?

For most people looking to buy a property, be it their own home or an investment purchase, it’s more likely than not that they will need to take out a mortgage to achieve their ownership goal. This means that potential buyers will face an early decision in their ownership journey

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June 17 , 2016 /

Steps Landlords Must Take to Protect Themselves

Prevention is better than cure. Before you rent out your property, make sure you have the right insurance cover. According to Terri Scheer Insurance, the largest provider of landlord insurance policies, only one in five landlords has landlord insurance. Proper insurance is the most fundamental of the steps investors must take to

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