July 18 , 2015 /

Mega Towers planned for Southport

Southport just got the CBD designation for the Gold Coast, a new Billion dollar light rail connecting to the tourist strip, New China town designation, New major regional hospital, New Commonwealth Games infrastructure, and now the Tallest Building in the Southern Hemisphere...What's next? ....will it be a multi billion dollar [...]
July 17 , 2015 /

Capital Growth Property – Property Case Study #1

Norm lives in Nambor and has worked all his life. He still works part time while his wife is a full time teacher and loves what she does. Norm is preparing for both their retirements they both have over $300k in industry superfunds as well as a 100% paid for [...]
July 17 , 2015 /

Why Property Investors make more than Developers

I come from a background of property development.  I sold all the houses and apartments I developed for 15 years.   Every development you take on a whole cast of risks, with councils, development approvals, building approvals, soil tests etc.  Once I paid $1.4 million for a site and it

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