January 30 , 2017 /

Your best FREE Investment Property Calculator!

When numbers are involved.  It’s important to stay on top of what you are doing to make the right decisions. Return on Investment …Yield! Interest rate sensitivity…What if they go up 2 points? Capital Growth predictions…smooth out market volatility over time.  Here is my little helper to make it easy…Click here so

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April 5 , 2016 /

Emotional Traps That Could Cost You A Lot Of Money

Buying real estate is no doubt a confusing emotional roller coaster that truly tests even the calmest investor. You just have to look at the recent spike in prices in Sydney and Melbourne to see how much emotion has ruled the market. Buyers have piled in as everyone else is

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April 4 , 2016 /

How To Save Tax When Selling Your Investment Property

Professional property investors run their portfolios like a business.  Making marginal improvements t the operation boost overall yield, especially for investors taking a long term view. Jerry Parker Capital Growth Property www.capgrowth.com.au Capital gains tax (CGT) is one of those ubiquitous taxes that will almost always crop up when you

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April 3 , 2016 /

Top 10 Mistakes Investors Make In Claiming Tax Deductions

For leveraged property investors building portfolios utilising your tax deductions to reduce your tax and pay towards your property purchase is crucial part of the strategy. Jerry Parker Capital Growth Property www.capgrowth.com.au   Claiming a tax deduction on an investment property sometimes becomes a bit of a reflex action. Many

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March 27 , 2016 /

Benefits Of Long Term Property Investing

  At Capital Growth Property we advocate taking the longer term view on leveraged passive property investment.  For busy people developing cash flow from their job, or other investments the better approach is passive investment with active portfolio management. Active property investmentsProperty development, refurbishment, house flipping takes very concentrated focus

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March 8 , 2016 /

Boost Your Profit – Your Step-By-Step Guide To Small Development

Gone are the days when developing property was available only to multimillionaires and high-rollers. These days anyone with a bit of savvy and some investment experience can become a successful property developer, but it is not for the faint of heart. Nikki Taylor explains In this three-part series, Your Investment

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December 31 , 2015 /

How To Use Investment Property To Pay Off Your Home In 10 Years

With the study of case studies, other peoples experiences, you can start to model different strategies of building wealth though property. But, your experience will be unique, every year market forces are unique, and every property is unique. When you formulate your own operating system for building wealth through property

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November 22 , 2015 /

10 Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest

Actually there are more than 10.  But the answers to these 10 are important. I have witten an ebook called “How to build a massive property portfolio” where I talk about creating your personal operating system.  In this system you get all your questions answered by  the right people at the

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November 18 , 2015 /

How To Break Into The Property Market As A Young Investor

Ask any veteran investor what they most regret and chances are they will say they didn’t start early enough. John Hilton consults the experts to see how youngsters can begin their investment journey safely and profitably. Jerry Parker Capital Growth Property www.capgrowth.co.au   The ripe young age of 18 is

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November 14 , 2015 /

Choosing the right property: Jerry Parker

Video Transcription TV’s Location, Location, Location shares his rules for finding the right property – and, perhaps surprisingly, location isn’t one of them. What should investors consider when choosing the right property for their portfolio?   When it comes to asset selection, there’s usually three tips that I give. Number one,

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