September 28 , 2015 /

Final week of winter returns high auction volumes and a strong clearance rate

At Capital Growth Property we use data to gauge interest in different areas primed for capital growth. Higher than average auction clearance rates are a leading indicator that people want to live in an area and are moving to an area.  While we a measure of recognise it is measure of

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September 28 , 2015 /

Figures Show Impact Of APRA’s Investment Lending Crackdown

The Government body known as APRA has intervened into the mortgage lending market because they thought people were taking too much risk with the leveraged property investments commonly up to 90% LVR.  At Capital Growth Property we have always advised our clients to take a long term approach to property

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September 25 , 2015 /

REINSW Welcomes Changes To Foreign Investment Legislation

Changes to Australia’s foreign investment legislation, especially an increased focus on punishing those who aid illegal foreign buyers, have been welcomed by New South Wale’s peak real estate group. The Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) believes the changes are necessary step in clamping down on those in the real

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September 23 , 2015 /

New Figures Show Sales Of New Homes Have Peaked

  New figures have shown the sales of new homes in Australia may have peaked a number of months ago. According to the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) New Home Sales Report for July this year, the sale of new homes seems to be trending downwards slightly following an apparent peak

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September 17 , 2015 /

Investing Solo: Solo Parent Picks Up 3 Properties – And Counting.

Really there is no such thing as investing Solo. There are many players involved from finance brokers, banks, valuers, real estate agents, investments advisors, accountants and financial planners. “7 Steps to Building a Massive Property Portfolio” is an entrepreneurial operating system that explains how your team fits together and allows

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September 8 , 2015 /

Analyst Says Interest Rate Cut More Likely Following Recent Economic Upheaval

At Capital Growth Property we say… It’s very hard to predict interest rates.  You are better off conducting a sensitivity analysis and consider what would happen to your portfolio if rates went up 1-2 %  and down 1-2%.  Then have a plan for all contingencies. However, that being said….I think

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September 3 , 2015 /

New listings across the capital cities push total stock levels slightly higher than one year ago

One thing we know for sure.  Developers will keep building until the market is saturated.  However a long term approach to property will smooth out the peaks and troths.   The rules still apply when it come to location and cash flow.   Relative to last year, total listings across both

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