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This new light rail link connects the Gold Coast Beachfront suburbs to the Helensvale Train Station which goes directly to Central Station in the CBD.  For the first time Gold Coaster will be able to walk off the beach, jump on a train and get off in the Brisbane CBD.  Even better, You will be able to walk out of Meyers, jump on the train, and go to the Gold Coast Esplanade without getting in a car or bus or worrying about traffic.  This is called connectivity!

Connectivity brought on by new major infrastructure developments delivers quick capital gains to property investors, and long term security of invested capital.

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Written on the 1 October 2015 by Nick Nichols

THE Gold Coast tram network is ready to roll to the next stage after new Prime Minister and public transport advocate Malcolm Turnbull gave in-principal support to fund the expansion.

Tenders are open for the next stage connecting the Gold Coast University Hospital station with the heavy rail at Helensvale with the work expected to be completed before the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The news comes a week after Moncrieff MP Steve Ciobo indicated that the federal government would seriously consider funding the second stage, although he made it clear it would only proceed if the economic case stacked up.

Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad says recent discussions with the federal government has shown a ‘genuine willingness’ to proceed with the next stage of the light rail network.

“The Queensland Government now has the confidence to move Gold Coast Light Rail stage two to the next stage of the procurement process, which is the formal request for tender.

“Although we don’t yet have an agreement with the Turnbull Government, I believe we are very close to securing a contribution that would allow this project to be built in time for the Commonwealth Games.

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