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How I went from business and property development to helping small investors build their dream portfolios with “instant equity’ and a long term property plan they are excited about.

Before creating “How to” books that serve property investors, I was a lone builder/developer buying land, building houses, warehouses, apartments for my own investment company Parker Investments Australia.

I was highly leveraged all the time. I cash flow funded property developments from a small chain of coffee shops I built starting in 1995.

So I was constantly buying , building and selling all the while managing 60 staff, and a wholesale coffee roasting operation.

My wife Lisa and I were also fully loaded with 3 young kids.

After acquiring a Masters in Business Administration at Melbourne Business School, he began building his property portfolio. Jerry developed over 30 houses.Then Jerry invested into commercial real estate, building design and constructing properties for national companies such as Beaurepaires Tire Centre.

The 2008 GFC, Jerry, like many de-leveraged his portfolio substantially to a more comfortable holdings and and entered into corporate consulting business with some of Australia premier corporate entities including BHP.

In 2012 Jerry began to consult to high net worth individuals through his private company Parker Investments Australia and created Capital Growth Properties.

The early years were pretty tough​

Back in the day,, I learned retail by setting up a stall in a night market, while working as a commercial real estate agent and rep on site for land subdivision on weekends.

Desperate to build our dream home, I borrowed a builder license and started building small houses on the land I was selling.  With each house , I sent tradesmen up to work on our house perched high up on a hill.  After a dozen investment or “spec” houses, I convinced a bank to help me build an apartment complex. Real estate was great! 

Then interest rates started to move way up! 

Desperate for sales
Desperate for cash flow.
I doubled down and , I went all in on a coffee roaster and Coast Roast Coffee.
It was sink or swim.  I did not even drink coffee or espresso, but the “early mover advantage” paid off.  I had a monopoly on fresh coffee and espresso based beverages and expanded.Then , all the apartments were sold.

You can be two people at the same time…but not three!​!

With increased cash flow I went to building and renting retail tyre fitting facilities for a National tyre retailer….not much different than the house land package…except small issues can be big problems when you are not careful!

One example is… 

I remember once while on the Marrakesh Express Train from Tangier in Africa to Gibraltar in Spain…a major family holiday…when a combination of small issues really blew up all at once!

I got a couple phone calls…Soil contamination problems stopped a commercial tyre center development , and a major robbery at one of the coffee shops.

Next thing you know it’s midnight and I’m on this loud rumbling train .  I’m on a $3 a minute mobile call to a $500 an hour lawyer with bad reception while a $2500 revenue a day store is demolished, and a $10,000 cost a week development is stalled and I have two weeks left on the African/European Holiday that cost god knows how much.

It seems so surreal now…but that actually happened!
As an entrepreneur you win some and lose some, and never really stop working.  But that does not mean you have to live like a yoyo or a fireman!

By 2006 I sold the chain of coffee shops, in 2008 the GFC ended all prospects of being a leveraged property developer so I deleverage property development , which means sold everything that did not produce an income,  and just lived collecting rent from properties both residential and commercial.

Then I discovered that building my own business was NOT at odds with helping others

Basically retired, I went and did a late in life Masters in Business Admin to try and figure out what I was supposed to do next.  I learned a lot, but realized the purpose of an MBA is to qualify you to work for someone else.  Not what I was aiming for.

I started helping a friend with his business where he sourced investment properties for investors.  I was the property guy.  I got to do the sourcing, and used the investors money for the purchase.  I became the hunter again !

Small investors building long term portfolios using their tax savings and their home equity.  Almost “no money down”  but building assets.

Another epiphany I had was that buying land, building properties, then just selling them created a tax drain.  I looked back over the residential properties and the big mistake I made was selling them.  The capital gains tax is a major drain!

But by just keeping them they keep doubling in value and you don’t pay the tax until you sell.  I sold countless houses for a profit at $350,000 when they would be more than double now…some even triple!

You learn a lot going through several 7 year debt and commodity cycles in a market place.  On a risk reward basis , the long term investor wins!

So now , I can seek out capital growth properties for myself.  And help others do the same. 

I spend most of my time teaching and educating people on how to build assets for themselves.

The stuff you will never learn in MBA School!

Years of employing lawyers, banks, real estate agents, valuers , quantity surveyors, trades, surveyors, builders, financial planners has gotten out of every pothole I’ve stepped in along the way.

Now,   I teach what I know!

Are you ready to take the REAL momentum building action steps for building a profitable and secure property portfolio that will deliver the financial freedom you deserve?

Most investors understand , you will never save your way to financial freedom, you have to invest.

That why you are here.

You are already working on your next or first investment that will work for you.

You know you have to make property acquisitions,  you just want to make sure you are making the RIGHT ones at the RIGHT time.

And feel confident that every bit of your effort, risk and investment will pay off 10X. 

Ready to start getting traction in expanding your portfolio with the right assets that match your investment?

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